Thursday, July 31, 2008

the countdown begins...

Okay, well first of all...welcome to our family blog! I hope that you all enjoy hearing about our family!

We had an awesome time with our friends earlier. We got to hang out with a huge group from church and meet a lot of new people and just hang out at a picnic. It was actually a real blessing for us. Very much needed right now! Tensions are high...stress is outrageous. It was really fun to just chat and watch the kids just get filthy and play. Elijah was so covered in watermelon and popsicle and dirt that is was insane, but they all LOVED every second of it. I got a few pictures and will share them later.

So, the countdown is ON...7 days to go! Elijah's surgery is very quickly approaching. We have been in heavy prayer this week for health for the family and also for the obvious-a successful surgery. Things have been incredibly tense and irritable in our house but we are getting through it. I really don't think that Elijah has the slightest clue that anything is even going on right now. We try not to show any negative emotions in front of him or the kids, though at times it is impossible. Hannah and Travis ask about it EVERY day. They are nervous and scared. They pray for him every meal, and every night. It is very sweet. They worry about us being gone/apart for so long. And Hannah last night walked right up to Elijah and looked at him and said "Elijah, I love you & I don't want you to die." My heart broke! They love Elijah so much. My kids amaze me with the things they say and the things they know. They are all so sweet!

A lot of people ask if we need, right now, the best thing for us is prayer! Pray for Elijah, for health and success, for our family and for Hannah and Travis. Pray for sanity over the next few days!